WATIFY is a European project. The aim of this project is to boost technological transformation through digitization and the uptake of advanced technologies. It specifically targets SMEs, notably in manufacturing, healthcare, finance and creative industries as well as mechanical engineering, construction, tourism, retail and agro-food, that can drive economic and/or social value by creating and using novel digital and advanced technologies. Through the campaign, SMEs should become better aware of the potential of digital transformation and gain confidence in the application and added value of digital technologies, business processes and new business models.

Waitify facilitates the uptake of digital technologies through 3 steps:

  1. Boost and facilitate technological transfer to SMEs and regions and cities through a network of competence centers.
    This is done through 240 Awareness Events in regions and cities all around Europe in the forms of;
    • WATIFY information sessions
    • Group presentations by WATIFY ambassadors, digital icons and thematic experts
    • Short workshops with digitization and KETs experts
    • Presentation of success stories and best practices
    • Digital tours to present digitizing and KETs services
    • Online training events
    • Twitter chats and webinars
    • Participation to sectoral, regional and international events.
  2. Connect SMEs and stakeholders by facilitating the sharing of best practices, lessons learnt, ideas for advancement and by encouraging collaboration of projects;
    This through 40 Matchmaking Events with the objectives of:
    • Fostering the development of cross-regional cooperation projects or joint initiatives
    • Facilitating the cooperation between SMEs, regions, cities and competence centers willing to work together on project which demonstrate potential for cross-regional cooperation in KETs and digital transformation
    • Optimizing the involvement of all actors towards the formulation of concrete projects which demonstrate potential for cross-regional cooperation.
  3. Inspire SMEs and local stakeholders to transform and work together on digitization and KETs projects.
    The project will identify more than 100 Success Stories of;
    • SMEs that have successfully transformed their business or created new products / services applying digital technologies and/or KETs
    • Regions that are leaders in technological transformation policies and projects

WATIFY is part of a wider, strategic industrial modernization and economic development approach. It is about sharing information and experience, learning from peers and designing new joint ventures and community building.

It is the ambition that WATIFY shall help ensure that all industrial sectors and enterprises, large and small, make the best use of digital and advanced technologies such as KETs and successfully manage their transition towards higher value products, services, and processes.

Watify and the Creative Industry

With WATIFY we are creating awareness for technological transformation in various sectors, including creative industries (design included). With this project we can show the importance of Key Enabling Technologies, such as micro and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies in the field of design. Design is not a Key Enabling Technology, despite this we do see design as a key facilitator to foster the relationship between these advanced technologies and its incorporation and uptake in the everyday.

Contact person: Tim Daniels, T.Daniels@brainportdevelopment.nl