Lodzkie Region

Lodzkie Region is a regional community of self-government located in the central Poland. An important element of the development policy is international cooperation. Lodzkie focuses on deepening economic integration, supporting a harmonious development and promotion of the region as well as European values. Among smart specializations of Lodzkie there are: modern textile and fashion industry (including design) and advanced construction materials (including design).

The Lodzkie Region Brand Strategy is based on design thinking concept as a main big idea. Since 2013 regional authorities have undertaken and supported many initiatives which are to strengthen creative potential of people living in the region as well as build regional identity.

Lodzkie region is the pioneer of design thinking implementation among all Polish regions. Lodzkie is the organizer of among others:

  • Design Thinking Festival (annually)
  • Regular design thinking workshops for business ngo’s, public sector, education
  • Lodzkie Design Thinking BarCamp (monthly)
  • European Economic Forum (topics: design, design thinking, innovations, trends, change etc.)

Lodzkie also support one of the biggest design festivals in Poland – Łódź Design Festival (annually) and is involved in:

  • Global Service Jam
  • GovJam

Regional authorities have tried to implement main design thinking issues on daily basis in cooperation with all the regional stakeholders.

Contacts: Marcin Podgórski, Director of Regional Office of the Lodzkie Region in Brussels, Square Marie-Lousie 2, 1000 Brussels, tel.: +32 223 11588, e-mail: podgorsk@lodzkie.pl