Vienna Business Agency

17,7 % of Vienna-based companies are engaged in the creative industries, they contribute significantly to the value of the Vienna economic area. More than 63,000 people in Vienna are employed in the creative industries.

The Vienna Business Agency is the first contact point for national and international companies and promotes the defined focal strengths of the city: life sciences, urban technologies, creative industries and ICT. It offers financial support, real estate and urban development incentives as well as a broad range of services and advice with the objective to strengthen Viennese companies, their innovative capacity and competitiveness.

Departure, the creative centre of the Vienna Business Agency offers comprehensive services and networking assistance to Viennese companies in the creative industries. Departure not only acts as a central contact point and project partner for the creative industries, but also as a hub between companies from the creative industries and traditional businesses.

Cooperation projects:

StadtFabrik [City factory]

The research laboratory for new fields of work in the creative industries—the StadtFabrik [City factory]—is a cooperation project between the Vienna Business Agency, Creative Center departure, and the MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art), curated by IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna. The objective of StadtFabrik is to discover and visualize future urban potentialities. This year the topics NEW CREATIVE WORK, NEW SOCIAL WORK, and NEW SUSTAINABLE WORK will be undergoing thorough study. Curators: Harald Gruendl and Ulrike Haele, IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna

StadtFabrik is part of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017: Robots. Work. Our Future which focuses on the potential of art, design, and architecture to contribute to an environmentally and socially sustainable concept of the digital age that is also committed to a new humanism.

In the framework of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017, the exhibition City Factory: New Work. New Design will develop three socially relevant topics about the work of the future: new creative work and transdisciplinary co-creativity; new social work, including work for the common good (Commoning); and new sustainable work in the sense of the circular economy and innovative utilization of urban resources.

Demonstrators, which were discovered together with the Vienna Business Agency and its creative center departure through a call for proposals and which will be curated and supervised by IDRV, will be working on these three topics directly within the confines of the city. Demonstrators are prototypical experimental arrangements in urban space that contend with sustainable fields of work in the creative industries. They correspond to the core topics of the Exhibition City Factory: New Work. New Design and will be located in the MAK exhibition accordingly.

Curated by IDRV - Institute of Design Research Vienna


Own design-related initiatives (amongst others):

CONTENT VIENNA: supporting digital creativity

The Vienna Business Agency's "Content Vienna" programme is aimed at supporting media creators and other digital creatives with the development of their projects.

Five production grants of 10,000 euros are available for projects currently in development in the games/virtual reality/animation/wearables sectors to give aspiring creatives and young entrepreneurs the chance to take their work to the next level.

White Paper and competition (closed): Urban Production and Design

Contact persons:

Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Head of departure, the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency, Vienna

Susanne Strohm, Head of Brussels Office of the Vienna Business Agency, Brussels