Stuttgart Region

The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH or ‘WRS’) is the central contact for investors and companies in the City of Stuttgart and the five neighbouring counties. Its main task is to raise awareness of the qualities this high-potential business region has to offer, support companies setting up here and promote the development of the region with numerous projects and offerings. The Creative Industries Unit at WRS is the main contact for creative companies in the Stuttgart Region.

One of the tasks of the Creative Industries Unit is to promote the region as a high-quality design location with excellent designers as well as to enhance the knowledge about professional design within industrial enterprises. This is pursued by e.g. initiating cross-industry projects, publishing a monthly newsletter with news on designers, trends, projects, events, etc., organizing and supporting events such as design congresses, design roadshows or design competitions and being part of regional, national and European networks. WRS founded a creative industries network in 1997 incl. also regional designers (today app. 400 members). Network partners are frequently contacted, informed and invited. Moreover the Creative Industries Unit creates networking opportunities among designers and design organizations, institutions, education facilities, etc., organizes publications and databases such as a regional designers’ directory, and acts as a broker regarding creative spaces.

Designers in the Stuttgart Region are professional, creative, hard-working, efficient, responsible and open-minded. They deserve to be supported with perfect conditions, contacts, networks, information, directories, congresses, projects, awards. This is what the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation does.

Contact person:

Margit Wolf, Project Manager Creative Industries Unit,, Tel +49 (0)711 22835 22