Berlin Partner

Berlin is an aspiring design location which offers a variety of networks, design festivals and many fashion shops. In addition to that, more than 1.300 enterprises, agencies for product-, furniture- and industrial design give color to the metropolis. But also the 6.000 artists and the 400 galleries make Berlin the city with the highest density of galleries in Europe and one of the most attractive places to create art. Therefore, designers, agencies, lifestylemagazins, fotographers and trendscouts – are drawn to this young city which burst with fresh vibes.

Berlin is the first European "UNESCO City of Design"

Berlin became the first German city to be awarded the title "City of Design" by the UN cultural organization, UNESCO. This distinction has made Berlin part of the "Creative Cities" network alongside cities like Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, and Shanghai.

  • International community and unique creative potential
  • Germany’s strongest cluster of design/marketing with roughly 1.6 billion EUR annual revenue
  • More than 3,400 advertising and PR agents
  • Excellent location for PR and communications agents
  • Proximity to politics and associations
  • Unique selection of vocational training for future creative industries and communications experts
  • International events and festivals: Effie Gala, Werbekongress, Kommunikationskongress, International Design Festival Berlin (DMY), Berlin Fashion Week


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