Päivi Tahkokallio

Founder and CEO of Tahkokallio Design+

Päivi Tahkokallio is Founder and CEO of Tahkokallio Design+, a design thinking and strategic design agency from Lapland, Finland.

Päivi, with her track record on strategic and social design has been called ‘the mother of arctic design’, a design approach to support sustainable development of the Arctic. Creator of the brand for the Arctic Design Week, she helped the city of Rovaniemi to partner up with Helsinki, the World Design Capital in 2012, and was the catalyst in the inclusion of arctic design in the national Arctic Strategy of Finland.

Päivi has extensive experience in the inclusive approach to design. During the 20 years with the University of Art and Design Helsinki (now Aalto ARTS) and The National R&D Centre for Healthcare and Wealth, Päivi became an international advocate of Design for All, creating and leading the Design for All Network in Finland and actively participating in the work of European eAccessibility Design for All Network. In the early years of 2000 she was the President of Design for All Europe EIDD.

Päivi is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce (FRSA, London), and is currently the Chair of Design Committee of Lapland Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of The Association of Finnish Designers Ornamo.

‘I moved to Lapland, the very High North of Europe, eight years ago. It has certainly changed my perspective. Living in the Arctic reminds you every day of the fragility of our globe in the hands of current climate change. We need responsible actions, and here design needs to play a role.’

EUDD Edition: 

The public sector in all European regions is facing new challenges due to i.e. digitalisation and ageing of population. This workshop aims at encouraging public sector actors, i.e. cities, to actively use design-thinking and a strategic design approach and methods to support effective and innovative problem solving. Eindhoven and Rovaniemi as European cities in their respective regions (Central Europe versus High North of Europe) have created two different design strategies to solve challenges through design and design thinking.