Kim Nordfeldt Thomsen

Project Manager at Capital of Children

Billund is the Capital of Children - a place where children learn through play, and become creative citizens of the world.
The starting point is to make Billund Municipality in Denmark a good place for children to grow up and develop into creative world citizens with their know-how and skills molded through play, learning, and creativity.
But at the same time the idea behind the Capital of Children reaches far beyond the town boundaries. The goal is to make sure that the results, projects, and know-how stemming from the Capital of Children also benefit children at regional, national, and international levels.
The whole idea about transforming the Danish town of Billund into a national and international hub for children and their play, learning, and creativity was established by Billund Municipality and the LEGO Foundation in 2012.
The shared dream is to attract companies, research scientists, and other specialists whose work focuses on children and on child development, learning, and creativity, and to bring activities and projects that support this overall vision to fruition.

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