Boyd Cohen

Urban Strategist - Deputy Director of Research at EADA Business School

Boyd Cohen obtained his PhD. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado in 2001. Since then he has lived and worked in numerous cities around the globe including Denver, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Madrid and Barcelona. Aside from dozens of peer reviewed academic articles, he has published three books (Climate Capitalism, 2011; The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, 2016; Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship, 2017). He also developed the smart cities wheel and benchmarking framework which has been used by governments and companies around the world. His latest research and consulting focuses on the sharing economy and maker communities in cities. Besides his research and consulting, Boyd has also been a serial entrepreneur working in sectors such as green building, smart cities, carbon markets, and more recently, a startup focusing on blockchain-enabled funding and software for the platform cooperative movement. He is currently the Deputy Director of Research for EADA Business School in Barcelona.

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