South Denmark European Office

The South Denmark European Office assists public institutions, NGO’s, and private sector enterprises with the international co-operation as well as research and development projects within the European Union.

Our service is offered to the entire region og Southern Denmark. From our office in Brussels we have gained years of experience operating in the international marked for project development and co-operation. Our location in the Capital of Europe means that we are exactly where it all happens, where the decisions are made. We have 13 ambitious and interested expert consultants working with target areas such as energy and transportation, health and welfare innovation, international municipalities, and business and innovation in private enterprises – including design in public and private organizations.

Design is one of the key focus points in The Region of Southern Denmark. Since 2009 the regional Growth Forum has granted more than 10 Mio euro to activities related to the effort from the regional design cluster D2i – Design to innovate.

D2i – Design to innovate represents the Design School Kolding in the city of Kolding and The University of Southern Denmark. With these key stakeholders, the cluster has worked intensely to integrate design as a method in enterprises, so that more products are created by influence of the Danish way of thinking design.

From 2010 to 2014, the design cluster introduced design and methods from design to more than 500 companies, and a total of more than 1.500 professionals in staff and management. Subsequently the processes have been developed, and more innovation projects have been established, e.g. at organizations such as Play User Lab in Billund. Other companies related to The Region of Southern Denmark’s work with design are global companies such as LEGO and ECCO – both established and based in the region.

Contact details in Brussels:

Jesper Vestergaard Hansen, / +0045 22 44 70 84