Established in 1984, Luxinnovation is the Luxembourgish Agency for Innovation and Research. Operating as an Economic Interest Grouping, the Agency's mission is to stimulate the competitiveness of Luxembourg. Through the Cluster initiative, Luxinnovation is helping companies and research organisations develop, coordinate and implement their innovation projects through facilitated access to knowledge, funding, technological expertise, research infrastructure and new business opportunities.

The Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster (LCIC) was created on the 31st of January 2017, and pursues the primary objective, to support the various creative players active in this field with the ultimate goal to create and develop new and sustainable business opportunities (in Luxembourg and abroad) through collaborative innovation and research projects.

A wide range of initiatives, such as the Luxembourg Design Awards and INTRO_ (a campaign launched by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture) have emerged in recent years in an effort to celebrate design culture and increase visibility for those creative actors.

The Creative Industries Cluster will help set-up further events and initiatives, regrouping creative actors and promoting projects.


Marc Lis (Cluster Manager Creative Industries) & Younis Hijazi (Head of EU liaison)