EU DESIGN DAYS 2017 | the Next Step

September 19, 2017 to September 20, 2017
MAD Brussels

Impact and Outcomes of the Workshop: 

The general topic of the conference is “the next step”: Regions and cities across Europe are in transformation. This transformation is already driven by smart and social innovations, but how can we improve the practice by looking at the future? The conference aims to bring ERRIN partners and regional stakeholders together around the current and future status of design in their policy programmes and provide:


inspire regions/participants beyond their own practise and energise to develop future projects


provide regions/participants with an environment where new connections can be made, both through organised and free networking, through a relevant pool of ‘old and new’ participants.


provide regions/participants with updates on EU policy developments relating to design and funding of design. Provide a platform on which regions/participants can share information.


provide participants with the opportunity to engage during the event in an interactive way

Input / influence on EU policy on Design:

provide regions/participants with ways to engage with design related EU policy developments