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Arctic Design Week 2018
19 Feb 2018 00:00

Arctic Design Week, located in the authentic Lapland region of Rovaniemi, Finland, will be celebrating it’s 10th design week, next year in...

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland
06 Dec 2017 14:00

Greenhouse is a unique training programme created by PDR to upskill public service leaders and policymakers in service...

Location: PDR / Cardiff Metropolitan University, 200 Western Avenue, Cardiff
14 Nov 2017 14:00

It does not take a political analyst to see that there is an increasing gap between citizens' expectations and government policy. People are...

Location: TBC
21 Oct 2017 14:00

During the World Design Event, which is part of the Dutch Design Week, the platform 'Switch' will be presented at the City Hall and City Square of...

Location: Eindhoven City Hall, the Netherlands
21 Oct 2017 09:00

For 9 whole days, DDW boasts 100 locations, presenting the processes, experiments and ideas, answers and solutions thought up by 2500 designers....

Location: Eindhoven
20 Oct 2017 09:00

WDE is globally unique. Under the slogan ‘Learn by Doing – Do by Learning’, the world’s most creative minds have an opportunity to join committed...

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands