The coming event:EU Design Days 2016

September 20, 2016 to September 22, 2016
20 Sep 2016 14:00

“The 21st century has already been named the century of cities or the "urban age". Cities are the powerhouses of economic growth, innovation and...

Scotland Europa | Zero Waste Scotland | Greater Birmingham West Midlands Brussels Office | Birmingham City University | Cornwall Brussels Office | Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall
20 Sep 2016 13:00

Action on a more circular economy starts with design: the design of products, the design of business models, the design of services, and the...

22 Sep 2016 09:00

The workshop, organized by the University of Wolverhampton, will consider how design thinking might be applied to co-create new inclusive...

EUDD2016 Workshop
22 Sep 2016 09:30

Are you interested in applying design competences in European projects?

The Commission aims to increase the use of design for innovation...

21 Sep 2016 09:00

9.00 Registration

9.30 Welcome speech

  • Anthony Van de Ven, Chair ERRIN Responsible,
  • BMW Brand Store (tbd)
  • ...

Speakers of Event

Founder and soul of ITS, one of the most recognised platforms to showcase & support the strongest young talents on the planet.

Barbara Franchin is the founder and soul of...

Matthew Thomson
Fifteen Cornwall

Chief Executive of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall since 2012, and...

Jonna Häkkilä - University of Lapland
Professor of Industrial Design

Jonna Häkkilä is professor for Industrial Design at University of Lapland,...

Project Manager at Capital of Children

Billund is the Capital of Children - a place where children learn through...